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Pretty Things for Fun-Loving People who wants to Shop Consciously

Pretty Things for Fun-Loving People who wants to Shop Consciously

Pretty Things for Fun-Loving People who wants to Shop Consciously

Pretty Things for Fun-Loving People who wants to Shop Consciously

Locally Designed Goods for a Good Time for You & the Environment

For fun-loving people who wants to shop sustainably without compromising aesthetics, our 100% transparency over our thoughtfully designed products is the answer to make green shopping a breeze and for you to feel in control over your spending without the hassle.

PVC-Free Wall Decals

✨How are our wall decals eco-friendly?✨

These wall decals are produced on PVC-free, non-woven paper substrate material and printed with water-based (& completely solvent-free!), odourless ink. Even the adhesive is water-based. So you can rest assured that the decals are friendly not only for your home but also for the environment.

🍃We Only Use Recyclable & Biodegradable Ink for our Decals!🍃

All of our wall decals are printed using latex ink which is completely solvent-free, which means it is better for recyclability and completely biodegradable. Did you know that solvent-based ink would complicate recyclability as the solvent would penetrate into the material? In contrast, our latex ink sits on top of the material.

The inks we use for our wall decals meet a range of stringent human health criteria represented by UL ECOLOGO® and GREENGUARD GOLD Certifications, one of the most rigorous standards for testing of VOCs into indoor air. (read more about UL certificates here)

Certification: ROTS-certified, Formaldehyde-free, UL ECOLOGO® and GREENGUARD GOLD

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End Packaging Waste Once & For All

Don’t you hate it when there’s a bunch of waste lying around after you have unboxed your packages?

We do! Here at Sunny Side, we do it differently.

Our packages are sustainable so that you can enjoy an unboxing experience that isn’t spoiled by unnecessary non-recyclable plastic.

We use 100% plastic-free, sustainable packaging materials, including compostable/recycled/biodegradable materials, from the adhesive tape to the shipping label that we use.

We also sincerely hope that you correctly recycle all our packaging material after you have received your lovely package.

For those from Singapore, you might be thinking…

‘Hey, but waste is incinerated here, so a biodegradable product makes no sense for me!’

Don’t worry, I gotchu! ✨

♻️Introducing Sustainable Loop by Sunny Side♻️

We are the first brand in Singapore to launch a sustainable loop for customers from Singapore to put an end to packaging waste. We want to give you the power to reduce waste by sending back our packaging materials back to us, at no cost to you!* *Only applies to customers from Singapore. Though we hope to expand this in the future once our brand gets bigger.


1. Request for Return

Scan the QR code on the return slip or click the link on our website to request for a return of our packaging.

2. Pack It!

While waiting for us to process your request, pack the unused packaging back into the box. Every bit counts!

3. Confirmation of Request

After confirmation of your request, we will email you with the return details that you need to write on the return slip we’ve provided.

4. Drop Off

After writing the return details on the slip, attach it to the front of the packaging! Drop it off at the nearest Parker point within the next 3 days.

5. 💚
Pat yourself on the back for being a part of this sustainable loop. Go you!

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