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Hello from the Sunny Sideeeee~

Our Story

Sunny Side SG is a one-woman online brand based in Singapore, started by Nia (that’s me!).

Sunny Side began with a simple question:

Where can i get consciously sourced items that are vibrant and aesthetic?

I found the answer by designing and customising the items myself, right here in sunny Singapore.

It all started with a simple room makeover. I wanted to create Pinterest-worthy boho chic room for myself that vibed with the environment as well. But who knew it was that hard to find cotton products such as macrames or decorative throws that are GOTS-certified organic? Or framed art prints with FSC-certified wooden frames? And the list goes on. And if i do find these products, it just didn’t fit into my aesthetic.

If you have seen my page, you would know that SunnySide is all about vibrant, cheerful colours! So I designed these items for my own use first and one day I thought, ‘Hey, why not share it with everyone?’.

Finding the right materials was of course an arduous challenge. It took me years of seeking the right eco-friendly materials, quality and the right suppliers before I decided to make this brand a reality.


At Sunny Side, I am 100% for the community. For fun-loving people who wants to shop sustainably without compromising aesthetics, I promise to always give 100% transparency over our thoughtfully designed products.

I want to empower you to feel in control over your spending without the hassle. That is why you can find extensive information about the materials behind each product easily on the product page. (Yup, this would include the certifications that they have!)

Easily make conscious purchases that are in line with your ethics and values with Sunny Side!


Who says consciously sourced products can’t be bold, vibrant and fun?

I create & curate pretty things from sustainable materials and it matters to me knowing what materials go into the products and how it would impact the environment. Every design that goes into our products have gone through rounds of iteration until I am happy with the quality. I have worked alongside various designers and artists, experts in their own fields, to further refine my custom design.

I always aim to bring the best of both worlds in my products. I am very selective about the products I create and curate, choosing both aesthetic and sustainability for you and the Earth. #LittleGreenSteps

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Questions? Comments? Just want to chat? Drop us a message here or via email at hello@sunnyside-sg.com

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