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Packaging waste sucks! Let’s put an end to it!

Easily make informed, conscious purchases!

Who says sustainability can’t be pretty & easy?


Our collection of FSC-certified framed art prints

The answer to your consciously-sourced decor desires!

Responsibly-Sourced Frames

Biodegradable, Non-toxic Ink

Designed in Singapore

End Packaging Waste Once & For All

Don’t you hate it when there’s a bunch of waste lying around after you have unboxed your packages?

We do! Here at Sunny Side, we do it differently.

Our packages are sustainable so that you can enjoy an unboxing experience that isn’t spoiled by unnecessary, non-recyclable packaging materials.

And the best part is… you can return our packaging materials back to us for reuse, at no cost to you!*

Let’s put an end to packaging waste together!

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